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Your home can be this beautiful with spotless brick, driveway and siding with a pressure wash from Anderson & Son's Pressure Washing and More.

Welcome to Anderson & Son's Pressure Washing and More

We specialize in residential and commercial pressure washing, and vehicle detailing

When you want the job done professionally, on time, and on budget, call on us to take care of your cleaning needs! 

Fully Licensed ~ Fully Insured

Why Pressure Wash?

We treat your residential property like it is ours. Enhance the curb appeal of your home with a driveway and exterior that looks beautiful. Our expert cleaning services are environmentally friendly and guaranteed to make your property look better. This can increase your resale value, and make your home a healthier place.  

Make your commercial property look as good as new. Does your business have years of grit and grime that are making your buildings, sidewalks and surroundings look less than inviting? We are experienced in many types of industrial cleaning, including high-pressure and low-pressure cleaning to remove oil, grease, dirt, stains and even graffiti from buildings, equipment, sidewalks and parking lots. 

We make your vehicle look spotless. We know how to make your vehicles clean and sanitary inside and out. Our interior cleaning service gets into all of the nooks and crevices of your vehicle that regular cleaning doesn't touch. Our pressure washing process removes excess grease and oil that may be tarnishing your vehicles’ appearance or functionality. Maintaining a clean vehicle helps extend its life, especially where harsh winters can cause a build up of road salt and other ice melting chemicals that are used in the winter months.    

Keep your property beautiful

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